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I love music.Although I don't have my own piano,I just play the music in my way.

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Posted by balancedbirds - July 31st, 2017

About two years ago,I left here to improve my level of making music.

Now,I come back!

I have said two years ago that I would be different after two years.

Although the reality is cruel,I also have some changes.

I will submit my works maded during the two years.

I don't know whether Newgrounds has some different.

But I still hope everyone can have a wonderful day with my music!

Posted by balancedbirds - September 20th, 2015

Half a year ago,I submited my first music

Now,I realized that I have to much shortcoming.

So,I made a decision.

From now,I will pause the submiting of my music.

Instead,I will submit my music on bilibili,a national website.

If my music is hot on bilibili,I will still submit it.

Is it Time to Say Good Bye?Maybe...

Posted by balancedbirds - February 20th, 2015

At first,I use Caustic to make music.One day,A friend of mine asked to me,"Why don't you use FL Studio?"

Therefore,I download it.

However,I need to pay many $ to buy it.

My money is only 1/3 of it.

Besides,the cost of my study is very high.After 10 days,maybe my money won't be my money...

Posted by balancedbirds - February 11th, 2015


Shadow Meadow is my first album.

It include 20 pieces of music

1.rock all the time


3.deep hole

4.this is space


6.the history of battle

7.balanced state

8.friend(rock version)

9.friend(gentle version)

10.rain all the time

11.the land of mistery


13.sereve cold valley

14.shadow gate

15.wind valley


17.fire wings

18.go straight on

19.shining star

20.swift theme(Lost.I'm remading it)

I'll submit them soon.

There may be lots of problems in my music.But I hope I can learn from your advice!


Posted by balancedbirds - February 6th, 2015

    I'm Balancedbirds,a musician who is crazy with the music.My English is not very well,so if I make some mistakes,I hope everyone can not really care(^_^)

    When I was twelve,I had my first electronic piano,which was the cheapest in the supermarket.But I liked it very much.My first album "Shadow Meadow" was made durring that time. 

    After four years ,I had my own inteligent mobile phone.Fortunately,I got an app which can make music.I reduced my first album and other music.However,I was so careless that I lost all my root files!It means that I can't reduce these music any more!

    I have never tried to talk with other freinds in English,so there are too much thing that I don't know here.I hope I can improve my English language.