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FL Studio is Too dear...

2015-02-20 06:06:41 by balancedbirds

At first,I use Caustic to make music.One day,A friend of mine asked to me,"Why don't you use FL Studio?"

Therefore,I download it.

However,I need to pay many $ to buy it.

My money is only 1/3 of it.

Besides,the cost of my study is very high.After 10 days,maybe my money won't be my money...


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2015-02-20 06:12:27

just get a free program


2015-02-20 07:35:24

Unless you are serious about making music, something like FL studio is not the best idea.

However, if you do scrape up the money for it, all future updates are free, so you have it for life.

Just a consideration.

balancedbirds responds:

I see...
Maybe I should try to use Caustic to make better music.


2015-07-30 12:39:43

You could use LMMS. Before I got FL Studio I used that and it was great, just lacking in features like reverb. It's free though, so it's worth a try :)

balancedbirds responds:

Sounds amazing!
I have been making music by mobile phone for 2014
If it's work,I'll apriciate you to this so much!