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Introduce Myself

2015-02-06 09:25:05 by balancedbirds

    I'm Balancedbirds,a musician who is crazy with the music.My English is not very well,so if I make some mistakes,I hope everyone can not really care(^_^)

    When I was twelve,I had my first electronic piano,which was the cheapest in the supermarket.But I liked it very much.My first album "Shadow Meadow" was made durring that time. 

    After four years ,I had my own inteligent mobile phone.Fortunately,I got an app which can make music.I reduced my first album and other music.However,I was so careless that I lost all my root files!It means that I can't reduce these music any more!

    I have never tried to talk with other freinds in English,so there are too much thing that I don't know here.I hope I can improve my English language.



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2015-02-16 19:26:38

Bah! This is the Internet! Not many people will care if your English is bad! ^^
Interesting how quickly you got into music. I started with an electric piano, too! It was my sisters', and it was so old, the keys were yellow. Gross!
I did more covers of music in video games than anything else (I still do). You must have been a fast learner to make your own stuff! I can't imagine just losing them like that.
Welcome to the site! It's nice to meet you (and hopefully you can improve in your English as well)!

balancedbirds responds:

Really?I'm just a senior high school student.....
My electric piano's keys are yellow,too.For some reason,my mother gave it to my cousin...
And...Do you paly Fire Elblem?I see Lyn on your cover!It's my favorite GBA game!