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2017 Submissions

Out of Rules Video Game Song
Guess from Darkness Video Game Song
Green Shadow Castle Classical Song
First Wave General Rock Song
Fantastic World Video Game Song
Evil Representative Drum N Bass Song
Dark Maid Classical Song
Dangerous Moment(Neptune version) Drum N Bass Song
Chasing Shine Video Game Song
Archangels Forth Forbidden Art Drum N Bass Song
Fransia Classical Song
Pasaer Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

Fight against Fairy General Rock Song
Garil Theme:Endless Darkness Drum N Bass Song
For Sliver Moon! Drum N Bass Song
Archangels Third Forbidden Art Classic Rock Song
White Wisher(techno) Techno Song
White Wisher(gentle) Drum N Bass Song
Dangerous Moment Heavy Metal Song
Demon with White Wings Solo Instrument Song
Fransia Night Fantasy Techno Song
White Lotus Khight Video Game Song
Demon State Night Fantasy(WIP) Classic Rock Song
Mole Night Fantasy Classical Song
Fire Wings General Rock Song
Phoenix General Rock Song
Wind Valley Classical Song
Shadow Gate Classical Song
Sereve Cold Valley Solo Instrument Song
Storm Classic Rock Song
The Land of Mistery Classical Song
Rain All The Time Classical Song
Friend(Gentle Ver) Classic Rock Song
Friend(Rock Ver) Heavy Metal Song
Balanced State Techno Song
Swift Theme General Rock Song
The History of Battle Classic Rock Song
Dust Classical Song
Shining Star Classical Song
Go Straight On Heavy Metal Song
This is Space! Techno Song
Deep Hole General Rock Song
Tsunami General Rock Song
Rock All The Time General Rock Song